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Zocdoc Provider Dashboard & Business Model Flip

Zocdoc is a healthcare company that allows patients to discover and book with doctors online, and helps doctors grow their business.


I was the lead designer on all things related to the biggest project in our company's history: transforming our business model for massive scale. A challenge crucial to success of this flip (from a subscription to variable revenue model) was figuring out how to convey to doctors the value Zocdoc provides to their practice - an ambiguous concept we'd never attempted in our UI before.


Ultimately, we shipped to all doctors in America a new provider dashboard that puts doctors' performance front and center; a new budgeting system; appointment report; and a new provider design system.

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4.5 months from kickoff to launch

The team

Direct team: Me (lead IC designer); PM; User Researcher; Engineering team

This was a huge cross functional effort. I led workshops and collaborated extensively with with the Sales and Account Management teams, Marketing and others.

What shipped

The provider dashboard

All our discovery work surfaced in a brand new default dashboard for providers, who log on every day to manage their appointments.  It's the current default landing experience for all doctors across America.


A brand new provider design system + shareable component library

The foundation for our provider interface going forward. It's already widely in use across Zocdoc, made into a re-useable React component library

The budgeting system

I designed everything related to the crucial part of the flip: allowing doctors to set monthly budgets. This included a budget calculator, all the budget states, and detailed logic, which included navigating many edge cases and technical constraints..


We partnered extensively with cross functional teams to learn how doctors think about value. I led workshops with sales and account managers to get their ideas on paper.

My Researcher and I also partnered to conduct 12 1-hour interviews directly with doctors. In between tests we'd synthesize feedback and iterate the prototype(s) for the next doctor. All tests were live-streamed to our team

Examples of key insights:

  • Docs don't want a marketing dashboard

  • Docs are busy, and focus in bursts

  • Docs don't trust easily

Let's focus on helping them feel good about their current performance

Let's optimize for high information density without information overload.

Pre-populated numbers in the value calculator failed fast. Let's provide the right balance of free-form and guidance.

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We initially rolled out to the state of Georgia, our test state, but with high engagement and positive feedback from doctors, we soon had confidence to expand to Colorado and Washington. The dashboard is now in use across the rest of America.


Our next steps are to ship responsive versions of the platform (which I've already designed), and continue thinking about how to convey value holistically across our entire provider ecosystem.

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